2 Cute Things and a Game-Changing New Cleanser


This weekend marks our 7 year anniversary. When asked how things were going in our first year of marriage, I’d always start gushing about how much fun it was. I’d then immediately be reminded by the person that it’s only our first year. Give it time, they’d say. *Blank face emoji

And while I know 7 years in isn’t much, it’s been enough for us to experience plenty of highs and lows. Turns out, if someone were to ask me today how marriage is – I’d still be gushing.

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I’ve known for a long time that small things are just so cute. I wear a size 10 shoe, so I’m looking at you size 6 shoe wearers. But the cuteness factor in little boy clothes? Oh Lord, it just won’t quit.

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When I lived at home my room was really far away from the bathroom. This prompted me to change my face-washing routine to using wipes instead of going all the way downstairs and splashing water on my tired face and having it annoyingly drain down my arms.

I’ve since learned that using face wipes every night probably isn’t the best way to go. You don’t get as deep or thorough as a clean with them. So I save the luxury for once or twice a week when I know I’ll be coming off a long day.

I’m excited to report that I get to bump that schedule up a couple of nights with this new product. It’s called “micellar water” and it’s French. It’s water that has tiny oil molecules in it that attract dirt and makeup from off your face. So the oil pulls out the dirt, while the water stays behind to hydrate, giving you a deep clean without that dried-out feeling.

It’s wonderful to use in the morning too because it makes your face feel fresh and hydrated before applying makeup.

Here is the brand I use. Of course you can go way up or down in price, but after looking around I felt like this was the best option for the cost.

To use it, all you do is squirt some on a cotton pad (much better than a cotton ball, I found) and wipe your face like it’s toner. I’ll sometimes go over my face a second time just to get everything. Afterwards, you’ll have a really clean face, but really feel as if you cheated because it was so easy.

Give it a try this weekend!

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