Where to Start Buying Your Jeans

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My first visit to Hollister in West Town Mall scarred me for life.

I still wonder if it was a dream, but having been in their dressing rooms recently, I know it wasn’t.

I was 13/14 at that time, and found something (I don’t remember what), but I wanted to try it on. The store clerk led me to the dressing room. The important part of that sentence is the lack of plural “rooms” because what my little eyes beheld was one giant communal dressing ROOM.

In my minds eye I can still see some girl bending over in her black underwear struggling into some jeans. Needless to say, I threw it in reverse and got the heck out of that hell hole. ;)

Thankfully, Hollister has since learned that the modern woman doesn’t want to struggle into some jeans in front of gawking 13 year-old’s and they’ve since divided up the room into roomS.

What’s even better, though is they sell fantastic jeans as really fantastic prices.

These shorts – $12. Boom.

My black jeans with the distressed knees that have a great stretch and are SUPER comfortable (I’m wearing them as I type this) – $25. Boom. I bought these during a “all jeans $25 sale” which is going on right now! So go stock up!

But let’s go back to the shorts for a second…

They are the perfect length. And I. love. them. That statement is a kin to a vegetarian saying “this burger is delicious” because before these shorts, I hated shorts with a passion. I didn’t like how they felt or looked. But these I LOVE.

The distressed hem gives them a casual vibe and isn’t a roll I have to keep up with. The length isn’t Bermuda-mom-shorts long but it isn’t college-girl-looking-to-hook-up short either. They’re the cool mom in between ;)

So whether you’re looking for comfortable jeans, or great shorts – go visit Hollister in West Town Mall. I promise they won’t make you take your clothes off in a room full of strangers – fulfilling everyone’s personal nightmare.

Read more about Hollister and their fantastic jeans here!

PS: These fabulous pictures are brought to you by Sarah Moser of Sarah Moser Photography. Visit her page and book your next photo session with her – she’s amazing!

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