Graphic Tees & Mom Lessons

fiore boutique, west town mall, graphic tee, mom graphic tee, mommin aint easy, boutique shopping, graphic tee outfit, mom life, mom blog, fashion blog


fiore boutique, west town mall, graphic tee, mom graphic tee, mommin aint easy, boutique shopping, graphic tee outfit, mom life, mom blog, fashion blog

There’s a little something for everyone in this post.

Let me first talk about where I got this awesome graphic tee. Fiore Boutique in West Town Mall feeds my graphic tee fixation. They have two racks full of great ones and will sometimes throw it back to cool tv shows. Most are t-shirts I don’t normally come across in my hunt either (like a “New Girl” tee with a True Americans reference).

They’re also my Piko supplier. They often run them on sale so feel free to make them your Piko supplier, just don’t take all the good colors in small and I’ll keep giving you the good tips.

Onto Mom lessons…

Having crossed the two year mark just yesterday on this mom job I’m an expert now #obvi and will pass on my wisdom to you as I sit in my recliner and let Jackson run round naked with a glue stick. *slowly sips coffee

Lesson one: Write it down.

And by IT i mean ever-y-thing. For starters what I need from the grocery store. Maybe you already do this. If so you are light years ahead of me. I still haven’t learned that even though I think it 1,000 times its not going to be there when I’m food shopping because Ill be playing tag with Jackson in the cart or trying to plan that nights dinner or double checking that I put a bra on before leaving the house.

Also y IT I mean moments. I’ve learned to write down things I’ve enjoyed about my day or the little things Jackson does. Like how he squeezes his arm behind my back when we’re sitting next to each other on the couch. Or that he is all about saying “Ready Mommy?” before we walk out the door these days. All of those things are tiny bites of life that I’m going to want to savor again one day, so I write them down.

Even if its a quick note in your phone. Write the good stuff down.

Lesson two: Be in the moment.

How cliche is that? And is it double cliche that I’m pointing out the cliche-ness of it? Probably. Oh well.

I recently took off from social media for a whole week. I lived life outside the screen. I tell you, it’s like quitting sugar – after a while you stop craving it. Besides, what good is it doing you? I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve clicked out of a social app and thought – I’m really glad I scrolled for 20 minutes just now.

Take a break. Dont take a picture, live it LIVE.

Watch live TV without pausing, while you’re at it – go all the way to the EDGE.

Lesson three: Patience, Lord, patience.

Learning to take a three second breathe breath is highly important in situations when smelly stuff is hitting the fan.

You know what I mean by “breathe breath”? Truly just a inhale, exhale, go.

As someone who values being on time, looking my best, and being fully prepared when I walk out the door – the moments when things are working against any of those goals (especially “looking my best” #amiright) those are the moments when I need to take a breather.

Or if you need a more current example – I’m typing this post, sitting on the floor while my son asks repeatedly for a milkshake, my dog whines in my ear and little baby toes keep finding their way onto the keyboard while time ticks closer and closer to when I need to leave the house and pick up my groceries.


As I learned from Veggie Tales recently, nothing good comes from freaking out.

Want more wisdom from my vast basket of wisdom nuggets? Here are the mistakes I learned in the first year of motherhood. (Sheesh what a newbie).

Love this Vera Bradley bag? ME TOO. Be sure to visit them in West Town Mall for similar styles!

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