Treat Yourself or Someone You Love

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Let’s see if we can get all of these gift ideas to fit in a love language

Just for kicks. It’s either that or fold the mountain of towels. Yeah.

By the way, all of these things can be found at West Town Mall! Which also has a Godiva Chocolate, Chocolate Monkey or (if you’re trying to win your way into my heart) an Auntie Anne’s. THOSE PRETZELS ARE AMAZING.


Gifts one, two and four pictured are from this little treasure trove of a store.

So the first love language we can hit is words of affirmation. The Bestie book is perfect for that because you fill in the blanks! As a word love myself, I can see where this would make someone feel truly special.

The cutie tea diffuser that hangs on the side of your mug is a great gift for someone who loves them. And the gold cord set, well it’s gold. So you’re winning no matter what their love language.

Bath and Body Works

Four – these are bath bombs! They’re all the same size in real life, I just played around with them for the visual effect.

And they’re in all your favorite Bath and Body scents! I think this is a total tread YOURSELF gift (that I’ll be gifting myself in the near future).

They would fall in the physical touch  or quality time category. We’ll let you interpret that however you want.

Vera Bradley

Gifts five six and seven are so cute! They’re all from Vera.

Let’s get creative and say they can all be filed under acts of service. Especially if you hold the umbrella over your loved one in the rain, fill their cup up with their favorite drink and fill out some forms for them with the pens…? We’re stretching it there.

But still, all of these things are inexpensive, beautiful ways to show your friends, family and loved ones (or just YOU) how much they’re appreciated!

Get over to West Town Mall today!

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