Three Shower Tricks I Swear By

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Taking a shower can range from being a chore to a quick spa-like moment alone.

If I’m not going to wash my hair, I really look forward to standing in the hot shower for a minute. If I am going to wash my hair, I’m on a time crunch.

Now that I’m a mom with a baby that’s got an ever growing to-do list (which includes but is not limited to the following: empty cabinets, empty basket contents, empty diaper bag, empty trash can …all over the floor), I’ve got to maximize my shower time.

So while he sits in the bumbo seat outside of the shower with a tray full of puffs to keep him occupied I’m doing the following to make sure I come out {and stay} beautiful till my next shower adventure.

I double wash my hair.

A little over a year ago I read how shampooing only once just moves the product around, but shampooing again really rids your hair of everything.

Once I started doing this I noticed my styling lasts longer and my hair feels better. I do this especially when I’ve curled my hair because I hair spray it every night before I go to sleep, which means I’ve got lots and lots of product to get rid of.

I start with Head and Shoulders to help my scalp then use Dove because it comes in a giant pump bottle from Sam’s.

Most of the time I just double shampoo and don’t condition, but that’s because conditioner takes away some of the coarseness and I like the coarse because it helps me keep my style longer. You can take that or leave it, but definitely pick up double shampooing. It’s great.

I apply after-shower lotion.

I got in the habit of applying lotion everywhere. Then the next day dawned and I feel off the wagon.

Jergan’s makes an after-shower lotion that you apply before drying off that’s AMAZING. I get lotion everywhere without having to stand there and let it soak in.

Another bonus is that your skin is more susceptable to soaking in the moisture before you dry off, so it’s a great time to do your skin good without taking a lot of time.

I rub coconut oil everywhere before getting in the bath.

Ok so this is a bath tip and not a shower tip, but it might work in the shower as well if you do it after you’ve washed (add to it the tip above and you’ll be swimming in moisture).

Remember a couple lines up when I said your skin really soaks in the moisture after a shower? Playing on that is the tip to apply coconut oil all over your body before you get in the bath tub.

The heat from the bath opens your pores and since the oil doesn’t mix with the water it seaps into your skin and you’re left wonderfully soft.

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