Get the Most from Your Maxi Dress


When summer comes I literally LIVE in maxi dresses. I mean it. I set up a tent made entirely of maxi dresses and I live there. (Stay in school, kids, learn the proper use of literally).

They are beautiful, inexpensive (if you camp outside of Ross), and don’t have a waist band to judge you when you’ve eaten too many hot dogs. They also help you get away with not shaving your legs or having an all over tan. Girls, I’m just not seeing any downsides.

The post below is from two years ago but it’s one I return to every year. Once you’ve found the perfect maxi, style it differently! You used your shopping cart to edge out two women eyeing the same dress, so why not wear it as many times as possible, looking fresh every time!?

The one piece I end up missing the most when summer is over, is a maxi dress.

Thus while I’ve got summer on my side, I’m going to figure out as many ways to wear them as possible. This not only helps me when packing, but it also helps to stretch my dollars -and you can’t say that’s not fun!

Here are three examples of how I’ve taken a plain maxi dress and jazzed them up a bit…

There are so many great simple tank maxi’s out there, don’t shy away from them! Look at them as a blank (and wildly comfortable) canvas. Add your personality all over it by way of a belt, a long swingy necklace, a jean jacket…the list goes on and on.

purple maxi - first pic jpg


I hate having to work around my bra straps this time of year. That’s why I stock up on printed tank tops that aren’t razor backs so that I can wear them underneath a strappy dress like this one and still be comfortable in my regular bra. If you have a dress that doesn’t work with a tank top underneath, click here to read about a great strapless bra.

maxi dress


This striped dress has been with me all over the country. Because it’s so easy to pack and can be worn 10 different ways. Look for a maxi in a simple pattern like this one so you can wear it with a sweater, a shirt, a jacket, a sweatshirt…you get the idea. It’s freakishly versatile.

maxi dress

Ross has one of the best collections of maxi dresses I’ve ever seen. That’s where I bought the flower print one pictured. The other two came from Forever21 (JC Penney also has a great collection). Get out there and find one you love, then wear it ten different ways from Sunday!


I’ll be taking Monday off, so enjoy your Fourth of July weekend! We’ll see you back here with a fresh blog on Wednesday. :)

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