The Beauty Product You Needed Yesterday

This Beauty Blender Sponge is a thrill ride. You may not have the words “thrill ride” pop in your head when you look at it, but oh what fun it is to try.

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First, you don’t use it the way it is. You’ve got to get it damp. Once you do that, it expands almost doubling in size!

Then once you’ve patted it dry, the magic continues with the way it makes your concealer smooth out over your face, causing any blemish or spot you’re trying to cover up – disappear! It’s magical!

I’ve used it with my powder foundation as well, touching up spots towards the end of the day and it continues to help my make up melt into my face doing exactly what I want it to do. After a while it does get all dirty with your makeup stains, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!

Once it gets to that point, you can either wash it with the special wash they sell or just use a gentle face cleanser…and BOOM it’s like new again! WILL THE FUN EVER END!? …Actually you do have to buy a new one after about 3 months or so. But the good news is you only have to pay around $20 for this little bucket of awesome.

There are multiple people on my Christmas list who will be getting one of these – go buy one for yourself and join the party!

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