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It’s a cold icy day outside my window. And since there’s barely enough snow on the ground to even see, now is a great time to hunker down inside and clean something out.

Before you go moaning and groaning, step one is just to continue sitting there and reading. No need to shoo the dog off your lap just yet (but tell him he’s only got 7 more minutes to relax).

Below I’ve pulled together all the posts I’ve written most recently about cleaning things out.

Really the key is to make it fun! I like to put on an old Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart movie (stuff my husband refuses to watch) or play my favorite music so I can sing really loud while I’m cleaning. That’s the stuff that makes you look forward to doing it and afterwards you are SO very glad you did.

Days like today when you’re trapped inside are the perfect time to get yourself clean and organized. And hey, you don’t have to do it all – just clean out one area! (I can’t guarantee that you’ll stop at just one, though).


Clean out your:

Nail Polishes

Makeup Drawer

Closet Part 1, Part 2

Jewelry Box


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