Worst Decision Ever?

12 years ago this month, I was dragged up to Tennessee. It was almost a literal thing. My parents probably should have hitched my little car to one of theirs on the drive up in case I had inclinations of going rogue.

At the time, it seemed like leaving Florida was the worst decision ever.

I was still in college, I had a really tight group of besties and a widening ring of friends. I loved the city, the house – I loved everything about where I grew up.

Moving to Tennessee meant starting over and I hated change. I even hated the fact that when I watched the weather, my view of the ocean was going to be gone (dramatic much, Elizabeth?)

Turns out, God knew what was best. (Duh.)

I don’t know if we’ll ever get to see what our life would be like it we had made different decisions. I do think about the person I would be if I’d stayed in Florida and I know with great certainty that I would be in a terrible place. Probably not a ditch, but I wouldn’t be living out God’s best for my life – which might make the ditch look good.

We need help making decisions in life. When you have a relationship with God, you can ask Him what to do and He will tell you. Whether it’s through a knowing in your gut, or a peace you can’t shake or explain; maybe it’s through an audible voice. He will lead you if you’ll ask, listen and {big time} trust.

That’s all God wants from us – our boundless trust.

Every time I’m faced with a big decision, I think about the outcome of the ones I made where I knew I heard God’s voice. Each of those were all the best ones that lead me to the greatest good, even if it took a while to see that. Why don’t I listen/ask/trust more often?!

If it weren’t for that move, those two sitting on the couch beside me would be different. That little boy wouldn’t even exist and my husband would be a librarian (because that’s what happens when they don’t marry you, right George Bailey?)

The anniversary of that move made me think of this, and I wanted to encourage you to trust God. So many people live the lie believing He doesn’t care or isn’t willing to talk to you and guide you. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Bible says in John 10:27, “My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them real and eternal life.”

If you are His sheep, then you have the ability to hear His voice. Tap into that!

If it sounds impossible to hear from God, then start with small things. Ask Him which way you should take home from work. Practice listening and soon you’ll wonder how you ever lived without leaning on Him everyday.

Gosh, He loves us so much.

12 years later and I wouldn’t want to be staring at any other spot on the weather map. ;)

(Alternate ending):

Worst decision ever? No because it brought me those two blessings sitting next to me.

(Alternate ending 2):

Worst decision ever? That’s a big ole’ bag of NO.


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