Put a Spring in Your Closet

I hope I’m not alone in this.

Does anyone else step into their closet at the dawn of a new season, wondering what in God’s name they used to clothe themselves with last year?

It happens to me every time. The minute the temperature dips below 68 degrees, I’m clamoring around for something ANYTHING to wear. All the while wondering how I even stepped out of the house clothed the previous year.

Because of this, the start of a new season can be daunting, BUT with the right tools of inspiration it can also be the best time to give yourself a fresh start.

The best tool I have found that gets my creative juices flowing are magazines. Women’s magazines are filled with pictures of women in really great clothing.

And while you might not own exactly what they’re wearing, you can use the pages to inspire you to put something together of your own.

Look at patterns, combinations, their layering techniques, look at everything and draw inspiration for your summer wardrobe!

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