My Relationship with West Town Mall

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The story of my relationship with West Town Mall starts in 1996, when tween-year-old me walked in to West Town Mall for the first time (wearing what I’m sure was baggy jeans and a giant shirt emblazoned with the Tommy Hilfiger logo)…

I was in town visiting my brother. I remember walking in the door (now the Forever21 entrance) and glancing over to see a window display of Tennessee Volunteer stuff. I still remember making comments about the orange color and how weird it was (you have to forgive tween Elizabeth, she didn’t know she would grow up to be a Volunteer).

West Town Mall fed my addiction to Looney Toons and Batman (thanks WB store! May you rest in peace).

Ok fast foward to 2013…

Simon Malls ran a campaign for bloggers to apply for a position as a “Style Setter” for their local mall. The position meant you would blog for your mall on a website that would include all the blogs for all the malls in the United States.

I applied and got the position! The biggest benefit? I could start rep’ing mall stores on TV instead of pulling things out of the corners of our apartment every other week.

After a year, Simon ended the program. But over that time I had developed a good relationship with mall staff and they offered me the opportunity to create my own position. I could pick a title and everything! Did I consider proposing “Fashion Queen of the Universe”? You betcha.

As “Fashion Queen of the Universe” (or really, “Style Consultant”as it’s more down to earth) I get to emcee mall events, talk about stores on TV and write about the things I love in West Town Mall right here on TheSpiff!

And while I do get compensated for all of it, I make sure that everything I talk about is actually something I truly love and what I feel will help spiff up your life.

I love getting to do what I do. And while I morn the lose of the WB store even to this day, West Town Mall is a fantastic place with fantastic stores. I’m thankful for it and for the doors God has opened for me there. (Trust Him with even your hobbies – He’ll take you further than you’d ever thought you’d go!)

So there ya go! That’s what I do for West Town Mall. Now join me in working up a petition to bring the WB store back ;)

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