Expertly Shop a Sale

If you’re on a spending freeze, I would highly suggest you keep a ten mile buffer zone between you and the mall because the sales are craaayyy-zzzeee good right now.

But just because they’re offering 150% off already marked down items, doesn’t mean you need to run around swiping your credit card like you’re in a sword fight. Or the metaphor I like to go with is – stay sober, don’t get sale-drunk.

It’s so easy to get in the store and immediately become intoxicated by all the savings. But what usually happens in that scenario is you make decisions bases on prices and not need and you end up with things you regret.

Let’s avoid that. Let me be your designated shopper…

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1. Go in knowing what you need.

If there are certain things your summer wardrobe is lacking keep those in mind as you shift through the mounds of $2 items. Even if it’s something general like, “I need more shirts to run around in on Saturdays.” It helps you buy more wisely if you have your needs in mind.

2. Start thinking of the next season.

Sometimes retailers will pull out pieces from their winter collections that didn’t sell in January. Don’t disregard these. It’s easy to pass them by because you can’t walk out of the store and put on a sweater, however, Future You will LOVE the fact that you picked up that very versatile striped cardigan for fifty cents. Even when you’re looking at summer tops, start to consider how they’ll layer so you can get even more use out of them.

3. Walk around with it for a second.

This is my go-to, fail safe method for deciding on a piece. Even if the shirt costs $10, if you are unsure of it, or if it doesn’t fit you just right, walk around with it for a second and let the fumes of a great deal settle while you think in real-world terms. Where will you actually wear this? Can you tell me other pieces it will go with or bring together for a look that is truly you? Walk around, ask yourself those questions then decide from there.

Bonus: Do a little Christmas shopping.

Seriously now is the time to get a lot of Christmas shopping done. I’ve already bought three presents that I saved loads of money on by doing so. Future Me is going to do a happy dance.

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