Goals and a Style Plan Made Interesting, I Promise

So I’m going to ask a potentially uncomfortable question…where are you at with your goals for the year?

I’ll share an update with my goals so it may make you feel better… Back in January I talked about doing a style refresh, which included some of my goals for the year.

For example, the one goal of mine was to make social media time productive. While I have done that in some ways (planned Jackson’s nursery…ok I’ve done it in one way), I haven’t really limited my mindless scrolling time. I don’t know why our brains suddenly depend on a social media break, when just 6 years ago they barely knew what it meant. Regardless, I can be better at stopping myself from grabbing my phone every 30 minutes to see information that does me absolutely no good.

The goal I have done well with, is being careful how I shop. The goal of not buying something just because it was on sale has really prevented me from buying things I’m really not going to wear. I don’t want to fill my closet up with junk pieces.

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A new goal I’ve added to the list, is coming up with a maternity style plan. Funny thing about me…10 years ago I was not a planner. At. All. Then I met my husband. He plans his path through Wal-Mart. So in the 6 1/2 years we’ve been married, a lot of that planning has rubbed off on me. It’s mostly shown up in planning what I wear.

After showing up late to a lot of functions because I was frustrated with finding something to wear, I realized planning an outfit in advance would really help me feel better and look better (which is always the goal). I now religiously plan what I’m wearing. Saturday, my husband and I are going to run errands, I already know what I’m wearing. It’s not uncommon for my Sunday morning outfits to be planned out weeks in advance.

That’s why I came up with a maternity plan, because what I REALLY want to avoid is frustration over that baby bump.

Above is my idea board.

I’m going to shop for deals, but I do plan to replace each pair of jeans I currently wear with their maternity version. That way I won’t miss a beat with my pants.

Maxi dresses are going to really come in handy because I’ll be able to wear those before and after (plus I can wear them 100 different ways). And blazers, well I’ll be stocking up on these for the rest of my life pregnant or not.

And statement necklaces are something I’m really going to load up on so that I can get away with repeating the same basics but still add my own flare.

You should try this. Start formulating a plan for what you want to wear this spring/summer. It will really focus your shopping time and help you put outfits together with greater ease.

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