Game Day Fashion

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No doubt your thumb has scrolled past some game-day apparel already. I know this because the moment I sit down to start writing, the urge strikes to do absolutely everything else there is to do in the world and I feel as if it’s a good time for Instagram…or for staring at Jackson. Sometimes both. *Stops and stares at baby.

I wanted to showcase some simple wardrobe additions that will help add to your volunteer spirit. If you’re not the biggest football fan but are aware of the fact that you’ll be verbally slaughtered if you don’t show up glowing in orange, these pieces will save you this fall season.

They’re both from Fiore Boutique in West Town Mall. I know the Piko top to the right is pictured in white, but they have it in orange as well. And if that dress sits too short on you, wear it as a tunic with some really great wedges! I just wanted to show you that you don’t have to wear a jersey to look game-day appropriate.

And what’s great is they’ve got even more options than this, so get in there and check them out. They’re located in the same hallway as Charming Charlie or here online where you can use the coupon code “thespiff” to get 10% off your purchase!

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