Get More Money Out of Your Sequins

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Let’s save ourselves some money this New Year’s Eve and recycle some of that Christmas attire!

So this sparkly dress is from Ross. I bought it for less than $20. But it’s sleeveless, so I don’t want to always wear it by itself. I also like sparkly skirts. So by adding a few layers on top – I’ve re purposed it into just that!

I started with a tight black tank because the dress has a cowl neck and that volume needs to be hidden. Then I added a black collared shirt. I liked doing this just because it gave the neckline a little more interest and it helps hide the bumpiness on top.

Finally, I layered on a simple gray long sleeve top. I like the gray because it’s different and I feel like it adds more depth to the outfit rather than just doing more black.

There was one time when I stuffed the bottom half of this dress down into a skirt and just let the top part show. But that was just a one time thing and I think using it as a skirt is way better.

Think about re-purposing something you own this New Year’s Eve!

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