What to Wear While Traveling

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Comfort is king when it comes to what I wear for traveling. Whether it’s in a car, on a plane, on a train or in a submarine, I’ll be a much happier person if my skinny jeans aren’t digging into my stomach for hours at a time.

Occasionally the need to look cute while on the road creeps into the plan. Like stopping at a cute restaurant in artsy Ashville.

There goes my t-shirt and comfy pants combo. Thankfully, this outfit is the next best thing (and doesn’t make me look like a hobo).

These pants have an elastic waste band and are therefore comfortable a couple of hours cooped up in the car. This men’s tank from Fruit of the Loom pack at Wal-Mart is great because not only is it comfortable, but it’s also really long which means I don’t have to worry about the top of my “comfy pants” showing.

Finally, the pink sweater is just enough warmth for an overzealous AC (or and overzealous AC controller), but light enough to wear I won’t get hot in the sun. I bought both the pants and the sweater at a buy one get one free sale at H&M so I think I paid at total of $7 for the two of them.

Here are polka dot pants that are close to the ones I have on, here’s a pink sweater, and here are the tanks I mentioned.

And um…how gorgeous is this street? Can I drive over there for every OOTD photo shoot?

Shopping My Closet

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  1. I usually wear a comfy dress and leggings when travelling (adding in a sweater and scarf if it’s airplane travel because I always find them so cold). But this outfit is adorable! You seriously bought the men’s tank pack? I am so curious about this because I love long tank tops, do you mind me asking what size you got? There is no way I though then men’s tank would look this cute!

    1. Yes, I too love leggings for travel – they don’t get wrinkly either which is always a perk. And yes! This is from the men’s Fruit of the Loom size Medium. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these tanks because it is so hard to find ones that are long enough. The only downfall to them is they loose their shape after a while, but it’s like $11 for four of them so it’s not hard to restock!

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