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In my inbox right now sits an email from Etsy with the subject line, “Make your holiday gifts!” I haven’t deleted it because in the world inside my head, I’ve got time to sit around and make things like Christmas crafts. (Thank you, Etsy, for playing along with me).

The reality of it is any free time right now goes to the mound of wash we’re now treating like a rock wall and strapping up to scale in order to get anywhere in our apartment. Just kidding. I’ve taken to stuffing it places so I don’t have to deal.

That’s why lists like the annual Allure Best of Beauty makes life a little bit easier. Even in my single  days when I had time for things like reading whole magazine articles, I didn’t want to have to stand in the beauty isle and wonder if I was making a good purchase.

Today I’ve brought you a few of my favorites from the list. Some I’ve already been using and love, and others I can’t wait to get my hands on. Hopefully this will prevent you from ever standing confusedly in the beauty isle and wasting valuable wash time.

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One: This boost it spray is amazing. It really does help with lift and teasing, AND as an added bonus gives your hair good texture. It will come in handy with my Halloween costume (Muahaha).

Two: Dove has proven itself to me over and over. I love their mousse, their hairspray is something to run out for in the middle of the night, and now this. I haven’t tried it yet, but Allure tossed around words like “polish”, “soften” and “bounce” to describe it’s effects. I’m in.

Three: This whole oil cleanser thing is fascinating/sounds like paradise. It removes all your makeup – eyes, everything – and does so without drying out your face. I’ve not yet tried Shiseido’s version but now I’m thinking it’s going straight to my shopping list.

Four: I own this brush and while the bristles are still in tact, I’ve used it so often I wore the rubber on the handle down to the wood. #useful

Five: This NYX brush is for contouring and looks like it would get along with my cheek bones just fine.

Six: As much as I love putting makeup on, the whole mascara process makes me jealous of boys. It’s by far my least favorite part. But maybe a good eyelash curler like this one by Tweezerman would change my mind. It’s apparently amazing. I’ll be the judge of that…

Seven: On the days I work from home, it’s BB or CC cream for me. I can’t wait to try this one out by Rimmel. Not only does it cost about the same as a combo meal ($6.99) but it gives a luminous effect to your skin.

Eight: So I could have 18k gold on my fingers for $7.49? Why are my cuticles living life without this?

To hear all about a brand that’s been on the Allure Best Of list more than once, AND how you can get a discount on it, click here!

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