Give Your Skin a Tall Glass of Gorgeous

Hydrated skin is really the end goal. Because when your skin is well hydrated, it’s less wrinkly, more glowy.

Bare Minerals is the way to go when it comes to super hydration. They’ve got all kinds of great oils packed into their products – oils with names that I didn’t want to attempt on live TV. It’s not that they’re complicated, it’s just that it’s 8:30 in the morning and live…so there’s that.

Watch this segment for great product suggestions, then stop by the store in West Town Mall and tell them you watched it for a 15% discount!

A couple things I didn’t get to mention about the lipstick….

  • I’m wearing it in this piece and it’s awesome (still wearing it actually). The color I’ve got on is Reign On.
  • This lipstick won an Allure Reader’s Choice award
  • It feels like no other lipstick I’ve ever worn – I don’t feel that it’s there! Which says to me it really is hydrating and not drying.

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