Baby Update III

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It really freaks me out when Jackson moves while I’m walking around.

Most of the time he’s moving while I’m sitting or laying down, but last night I was getting ready to start my evening facial ritual and he moved hard core out of no where. I probably jumped so high I could’ve landed on our dresser.

Other than those crazy moments, having a little baby moving around in there has been so fun! It’s like a secret communication he and I have, yet I always give the secret away because my hand goes straight to my belly to feel it better. Sorry buddy, secrets out!

I cannot even count the amount of time I’ve spent staring at my stomach watching it move around all weird while he has play time in there. I’m sure it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the time I’ll spend staring at him when he comes out ;)

Clothing wise, I am so thankful to have not reached a point of frustration. We believe strongly in what the bible teaches about sowing and reaping – how that everything is a seed you sow and that you can expect a harvest (Matthew 13:1-23). So early on in the pregnancy, I cleaned out my closet and sowed the biggest clothing seed of my life in faith that I would reap a harvest in the form of always being happy with what I had to wear while pregnant.

I know my clothing standards and when they’re not met while not pregnant it’s frustrating, I certainly didn’t want to experience that frustration with the mixed cocktail of pregnancy hormones surging through my body.

Just know, sowing seeds like that really works! I’ve not only gotten some really awesome deals on the few maternity pieces I’ve bought, but I’ve also had the wisdom to know how to make things go farther (for example the addition of these and the fact that I can wear them afterwards as well really helps).

And that is something we can do whether we’re bringing a child into this world or not. If you’re in need of something, test the system. Sow a seed into someone’s life and be ready for your harvest!

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(This whole outfit came from Target by the way) :)

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