What I’ve Learned Watching YouTube Makeup Tutorials

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A deep dive into anything on YouTube can make you question a lot of things about your life. Why don’t I own more kittens? Why don’t I record myself dancing more often? How great is it that I never skateboarded off a rooftop?

Deep-diving into the world of makeup tutorials made me question what it is I’m doing on my face. Also, why don’t I own 4,000 more products and where it is I can get 3 more hours to do my makeup?

After I decided NOT to quit my job just to put on makeup full time, I learned some things and I wanted to share them with you…

One: We can do anything.

If those girls can get in front of a camera and to hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of people strip their face of makeup? We can do anything.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes the scene change between a face full of makeup and then no makeup has made me jump a couple times. But those girls put themselves out there, and I’m thankful that they do.

Two: Their reviews are worth something.

Listen, blogs and vlogs alike, these people pour their blood sweat and tears into delivering you great content  – APPRECIATE IT.

Their opinion holds more weight than the person who comments on the Sephora website. Because they’ve tried a lot of products. I know everyone starts out their review with, “I’ve tried everything”, but these girls (and I’m talking about the well established, well watched ones) they make it their job to try everything.

So next time you’re wondering about a product, (after checking thepsiff ;) get on YouTube and search for it. I guarantee you’ll give up at least an hour and half but you’ll walk away more knowledgeable.

Three: Stay natural and true to who you are. *sprinkles stardust

It’s easy to watch those videos and start to want to cake on the makeup and contour until your face looks like a chiseled piece of wood.

But don’t loose you. And don’t get caught up in looking at your imperfections.

Make a point to look in the mirror and focus on what you love. Gosh, it’s easy to look right at the things you don’t love. But getting in that habit over time degrades how you feel about yourself.

Makeup is meant to enhance your God-given beauty. Don’t use it to the point where you look like you can be placed in a wax museum as a replica of yourself.

Learn from the masters and translate their tips and tricks for your style. That’s the biggest lesson. Really, they can save you time and money if you’ll not binge watch 43 videos in a row…

Here are a couple I’ve been watching lately. One, two.

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