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This is my birthday wish-list completely shrouded in a blog post. (PS: my birthday is over a month away, ha!)

For years, YEARS, I’ve been looking at over-the-knee boots. But I wasn’t sure how to pull them off without looking like a lady of the night *ifyaknowwhatimean.

Now that they’re more acceptable, I think I’ll be asking for one (or more) of these puppies come birthday time and pair them with a big cozy sweater and my leather leggings.

Or tights and a great dress. OR jeans a white shirt and a jacket…

The great news is, they’re about the same price as a good pair of boots. And if you’re into it but not sure how well you can integrate a pair into one of your looks, pick up a pair at Charlotte Russe. They have some good looking options and run shoe sales all the time.

It’s a great way to dip your knee in the trend without shelling out a lot of cash ;)

Get any or all of these boots at West Town Mall! Here are the stores, starting from the left…

1. Francesca’s (under $75!)

2 & 3. Belk – Tommy Hilfiger

4. JCPenney (under $100!)

5. Dillard’s – Steve Madden

6. JCPenney

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