How to Maintain a Fresh Face in Summer Heat

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In the summer, the only thing I want to feel on my lips is cold gelato.

Rubbing gelato on your lips instead of lipstick is pretty messy and doesn’t produce the perfect pout, turns out….”hypothetically”.

So my pout was pretty pumped when the women at Bare Minerals in West Town Mall told me that there was a moisturizing matte lipstick coming out.

Moisturizing AND matte?! It must be witchcraft!

Nope. It’s just science and the brains behind Bare Minerals.

In my past experience with matte lipsticks I would end up feeling my lips after a while. Like someone had just applied false eyelashes to them – you know that feeling of being aware of every blink when you first put them on? That’s it.

And on top that, the color would wear off like I had some kind of medical issue on my mouth.

This new liquid matte lipstick is amazing. It glides on (a little goes a long way), it stays on nicely and if you get a shade that’s a little bit pinker than your skin tone it looks like you’ve got soft Victoria Secret model lips.

The shade I’m wearing is “Swag” and oh, did I mention that this was 3 hours after I applied it during which time I worked out OUTSIDE. I’m just going to step away now and let you buy some for yourself…

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