This is Where We Talk About Wearing White

wearing white after labor day

wearing white after labor day

I know it still probably rocks your world to the core, but you CAN wear white after Labor Day.

White it up! Add cream to everything! The old rules of how to dress have gotten thrown out with our flip phones.

This White House Black Market ensemble is a great example of how to do white even now that it’s officially fall (Whoooooo Hooooo!) Even layering whites like this a great idea. It really helps give the spotlight over to some great layered necklaces, like she’s got on here (this pic is from the Back to School Fashion Show at West Town Mall, by the way).

What I love about doing light layers like this, is it keeps you dressy (and warm) without making you look too fancy.

Even though she’s wearing black pants and heels, this look is totally daytime appropriate and looks pulled together without being over done.

The key to pulling off a look like this is to try and keep your whites as close in color as you can. If one is a little bit off it’s no big deal, just make sure you’re not pairing almond with bleach white. Also, vary your textures a little bit. I like how the shirt she’s wearing has a ruffled collar and pleats down the middle. That adds more visual interest and really pulls the look together more than flat white top would.

Most of all, have fun and don’t give your whites the stink eye. We have a right to wear white – anytime we want! ;)

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