You’re Going to Want to Go Somewhere Fancy

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Whether you’re headed to prom, or just down the driveway to your mailbox, these dresses are a win.

Listen, I’m not opposed to donning something like this to go check my mail. As a society, we need to step up what we wear on a regular basis and if it takes me walking to my mailbox in one of these beauties (I don’t know how that would effect change, just go with me here) then so be it!

Really I’ll take any excuse whatsoever to step out in one of these beautiful dresses from Princess Diaries in West Town Mall.

They have a whole array of gorgeous gowns that will fit any fancy (or mundane) occasion you have coming up! They also have dresses for little girls, a selection of wedding gowns and several sale racks for the bargain shoppers.

I had so much fun talking about these gowns on 10News This Morning and I was so excited to work with these gorgeous models from Gage Talent!

Check it out for yourself, then go see them at Princess Diaries and trill around in something for me. Meanwhile I’ll explain to my husband why I need to a buy a new dress for checking the mail…

Here’s something funny…almost a year to the day back in 2014 I wrote about Princess Diaries on the blog, except I was the model! Check out my fab post here ;)

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