The Last Eye-Shadow Palette You’ll Ever Buy (Almost)

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It must be that the creative minds over at Urban Decay were thinking ironically when they named this eye-shadow palette. I want my eyes to be anything BUT naked when I saw the colors in these gorgeous palettes (ha. but naked).

I heard for years how great this Naked palette was, but I guess I was too set in my ways? Busy being awesome? Yeah, let’s go with that one.

Turns out the cult following and the 30 articles I read about its amazingness, were all correct! This palette is amazing.

There are three versions of the Naked palette out there and in order to choose, I looked at all three and counted up the colors in each one that I would wear the most. Whichever had the most shades I would wear – won. Naked 2 is more about taupes, and Lord knows I’M all about taupes, so that’s what I went with.

My only complaint was that there were too many sparkly shadows.

I love sparkly shadows too much. I want to paint my eyes with them all the way up to my eyebrows. So options that are a little more matte are good for me, especially for a daytime look. Which is why I picked up Naked Basics.

It’s also why the Naked palette is almost the last palette you’ll ever buy. Combine these two power-houses of neutral color and your eye makeup game just won’t be able to quit.

Here’s where you can check them all out… Naked1, Naked2, Naked3, Naked2 Basics (there are about 17 more versions, google them yourself if you’re that interested). I would recommend seeing them in person so you can get a better feel for all the colors – Sephora in West Town Mall is a great place to do that. And now the JCP has a mini-Sephora so you’ve got two great places to check them out!

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