These Pieces Will Awaken Your Wardrobe

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Tulips aren’t the only thing to come alive this time of year.

So many pieces in your wardrobe can rise from under the snow and dirt to bloom into something bright and beautiful. All it takes is a few key pieces to make you rethink what you own and layer in a new way!

Sounds magical, right?

Think about how a great off the shoulder checked top will make you fall in love your jeans, your white jeans and your black slacks all over again. Or how a laser-cut orange dress will make your nude pumps feel way less basic. Or how a ruffled top will breathe new life into your denim jacket/army green pants look.

A change in seasons is a fun time to mix and play with absolutely everything you own. Watch as I talk about the beautiful items Banana Republic in West Town Mall has that can really make our wardrobes come ALIVE! *majestic symphony music here.

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