Floral Looks that Aren’t Too Sweet

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It’s spring. No exclamation point.

We’ve had spring, for going on three months. Normally I would join in the exuberant cries of joy. But since we’ve not really had a winter, I’ll just cry.

It’s crazy how little of a winter we really have had. One single barely there dusting of snow. By the way, imagine that every sentence in this post ends with the flat line face. Because that’s the face I’m making as I type.

Anyway. :-|

Here are some great floral patterened pieces. I think these floral patterns are perfect if you’re like me and you don’t like how floral can get overly sweet. Like there should be a bow somewhere on your person-sweet. I like edge and these floral patterns have a teeny tiny edge (we’re talking razor blade), and just overall aren’t super sweet.

They’re pretty and they’re from Gray Monroe, which is a fun boutique I found online through Instagram. She offers free shipping and every time I’ve ordered something I’ve gotten it within a week.

I love it because she carries a lot of different things I’m not used to seeing all the time (translation: not boho).

Click on the images to be taken to the website (or just click here already). And be sure to follow my Pinterest board for more great spring/summer looks!

And blah, blah, blah happy spring.


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