Shop Like a Boss with These Back to School Looks

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Be the CEO of Cute this year!

I’m ready for the bugs to die. Beyond wanting to wear boots and jackets, I’m just excited not to itch somewhere (#CanIGetAnAmen)

But since everything’s on sale right now, I love to use this time of year to showcase ways to shop the summer sales while also prepping for the season ahead and (hold your ears kids) school starting back up.

To add some major cutie to this whole subject I had five models join me on the show this week to strut their stuff in GAP kids (and adult) clothes! This is also a sneak peak into the West Town Mall grand opening celebration that will be taking place Saturday, July 21st. You can read all about it here and can come take part in the festivities that day between 12 and 5!

Special thanks to…

Ainsley Bettis, Tyler Sharp, Bella Savas, Braylan Perry, Sophie McCart (and their moms!) for getting up early (in the summer, no less!) to join me for this segment :)

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