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While I’ve only lived in Knoxville for less than 15 years, I’ve been shopping at West Town Mall since I was 12.

After all, they had a Warner Bros. store and I was a huge Looney Tunes fan (and still am if you’ve caught my recent story on Instagram).

I still remember being 12 and driving up to the mall – seeing the old W sign in the parking lot and getting very excited about what I would find there. Up until about a month ago we’ve been seeing that same sign out front, which served as a reminder it’s time for a refresh!

Now, when you pull up you see a brand new sign – and that’s not all that’s new! Inside there are beautiful places to sit, recharge (both physically and electronically) as well as a gorgeous new food court and soon-to-be-open dine-in movie theater. That’s right. Dine IN.

I’m so thankful for this mall. I’m a frequent shopper and (as you know if you’ve been around here for any length of time) I’m a big advocate for West Town Mall so I’m VERY excited that it’s gotten these upgrades and I can’t wait to see all the stores that will be coming in!

Meanwhile, come celebrate with me at the Grand Re-Opening celebration on Saturday, July 21st! From 12-5pm that day, there will be free food a FASHION SHOW, and giveaways happening every hour!

And let me tell you – the giveaways are AWESOME.

They include things like gift cards, diamond necklaces, Vera Bradley bags – SO MANY GREAT THINGS.

Oh and let me also add that comedian Leanne Morgan will be there! She is hilarious and I’m very excited about hearing her perform.

So if seeing me, a comedian and cute kids in a fashion show aren’t enough incentive, come for the prizes food and giveaways!

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