Products I Cling to When I Don’t Give a Rip

You know that feeling that shows up whenever you’ve been going without a break for too long?
It’s a combination of physical and mental fatigue that potentially pushes you down a fine line between crazy and “I just don’t give a rip” (sometimes both).
You tracking with me?
That’s where I’m at.
Proof: I’m wearing tennis shoes or sneakers or whatever the flip you want to call them (there’s that “I don’t give a rip”).
I’ve never worn tennis shoes to work. But today, throwing things on and being as comfortable as possible with little eye makeup for my already tired lids to hold up sounded great.
I’ll tell you the two products I cling to like a warm baby blanket are white shimmery eye shadow and dry shampoo.
The eye shadow for the corners of my eyes to fool everyone into thinking I’m awake.
The dry shampoo to fool everyone into thinking I’ve got it all together enough to do my hair.
I’ve run through a lot of dry shampoo brands, but recently I was given the Regis version to try and I give it a thumbs up (I’d give it two, but HOW MUCH WORK DO I HAVE TO DO TO PROVE…Oh sorry…there’s that feeling again).
The key to dry shampoo, I’ve found, is to hold up sections of your hair and spray it on the bottom. Then take your fingers and massage it in everywhere. If you leave it like that, you’ll quickly fall on the “crazy” looking side of the tired line, so make sure you brush it down a bit.
The Regis version is great because one it has a nice smell (I hate hair products that smell like old lady, no offense old ladies), and two it doesn’t leave a lot of gross residue.
Case and point about my weeks here lately: there were several days in a row that I had to use this stuff and I never had bad build up.
So thank you, Regis, for whisking away the oil and leaving me with sane looking-I’ve got it all pulled together even though my shirt may be on backwards-hair.
It’s the little things like that, that keep you from yelling and screaming sometimes.
Let’s hope they do anyway ;)

West Town Mall News: We’re getting a Charlotte Russe! Brooks Brothers is moving on out and Charlotte’s getting her cute stuff together to move right on in by the end of summer. Something to look forward to!

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