My Favorite Hair Tools

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Winning the mane game.

There are a handful of hair epiphanies that I can distinctly remember…the first time I flipped my hair over to dry it and how great it was; the first time I used a straightener; the first time I quit fighting my waves and let my hair air dry…the list goes on and on.

As a teenager with lots of hair that grew like a Chia Pet in the soupy Florida air, my constant goal was to fight for the opposite and have small, straight hair. Puberty had brought with it the gift of waves (I didn’t see it as a gift until I got to college), so one year at youth camp, I remember running into our cabin every 20 minutes to re-straighten my ever frizzing/waving follicles.

Oh how the tables have turned.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about my hair. What works, what DOESN’T work (I’m looking at you electric crimper) and what products help me walk out of the house looking and feeling my best. I’ve also learned how to best take care of my hair without it becoming a full time job.

All of that, I plan to share with you this week on the blog.

So let’s get started…

Here are the products I use on the regular. Click on any of the pictures to get your own!

Besides my hair dryer, this puppy probably gets used the most. I’ve got the 32mm (in the fun blue color). I like the size waves it gives, I don’t know that I would want it to be much smaller or larger (although I’d be willing to try 1.5 inch just to see).

This next product is one that has caused me to put down my straightener. It gives me hair that’s just as smooth and as better styled than if I had stood there for 15 minutes heating up my hair for a second time. It’s a time saver and a hair saver (all my hair strands say, “AMEN.”) Bonus points? It’s less than $15.

Brace yourself, as this is going to be the most expensive thing on the list. It rings in a little under $150 BUT it drys my hair in a nano second (well, maybe not that fast, but still SUPER fast). It’s got a great cool setting and more power than most vacuum cleaners. Favorite hair dryer in my lifetime…

Come back all week for more tips on how to have spiffy hair this summer!

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