Micellar Water and Why It’s Great

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micellar water, beauty product, beauty blogger, knoxville beauty bloggerI’m guessing the proper way to photograph a bottle of something is to do it when the bottle is full. But I figured this showcases just how much I love the stuff, as I’ve used it all up.

Micellar water hit the main stream last year and is gaining traction. I just saw a commercial for a drugstore version, which means it’s going to be every where (watch out, BB and CC creams, there’s a new kid in town).

Here’s what it does…

The molecules inside the water are meant to attract dirt and makeup while leaving all the moisture in your skin. Even hard to remove mascara and lipstick comes off with this stuff because the magnetizing molecules in it ninja kick dirt and oil to the curb.

Here’s why it’s great…

I used to wash my face all the time with those cleansing wipes. I started noticing that those wipes don’t get everything off. After a while I slowed down my use to just one night a week (Wednesday’s are particularly busy, so as a treat, I let myself remove my makeup with a wipe). This micellar water doesn’t require rinsing, but still effectively cleans your face, so this and a cotton pad are all you need for a perfectly clean face.

Isn’t that wonderful? No more water dripping down your wrists and onto your pj’s every night!

The other great thing about it, is it doesn’t leave your face dry. Those wipes do contain alcohol (some more than others), so they can really dry out your face. As can toners. But this stuff doesn’t leave you with that dry, tight feeling – just a really clean face.

Here’s a cheaper version, and here’s a more expensive kind.

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