Concealer That Works and How to Apply it Correctly

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Sometimes I read beauty product descriptions just to feel good.

Really, those people know how to make the simplest product sound so hopeful, like after you buy this shampoo…nothing will ever be a problem for you, ever. I try to steer clear of the pie in the sky kind of hopefulness when I write a product review. I want you to know the truth about how something works and whether it’s worth your time and money.

So here it goes, for MAC Concealer…

Using this concealer will cause every skin flaw to melt away and nothing will ever be a problem for you…just kidding.

I started using Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC several months ago, after hearing another beauty blogger rave about it in a video. She said she had tried many concealers, but none worked as well for under her eyes as this one. Hearing this I realized I had this same product sitting unused in my makeup drawer.

So I put it to good use, and it turns out she was right. This concealer is best used for under-eye concealing as it doesn’t settle in the little lines around your eyes as badly as some can. I also like to dab some at the corners of my nose. Most women don’t think about putting concealer there, but it’s good to do so as it can get easily red from hormones or being touched throughout the day.

Let me make a note here about how to apply concealer under your eyes. Remember that skin is very delicate (as in tissue paper delicate), so you want to apply any product in that area with your ring finger. That one is generally the weakest of all five (unless you’re into ring finger weight-lifting) and will do the gentlest job of applying any product.

With this concealer specifically, you’ll want to pump it once onto the tip of your finger and apply from there. The bonus to using your fingers for this job as opposed to a brush, is that it will warm up the concealer and get it to melt in more quickly.

It’s truly “longwear” and works wonderfully. You can click here to read more about it from the MAC website, after that you’ll probably understand why I like to read beauty product descriptions for fun!

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