Gifts that Will Rock a White Elephant Party

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The first White Elephant party I ever attended taught me a valuable lesson after the first gift was opened…

Don’t go for the largest gift.

I sat there and watched as a very excited member of the youth group, dove into the pile of gifts and tore open the largest one there. My first thought was that I had missed out. I was sad and wanted a do over. Then she pulled out what had been wrapped – it was a carburetor. Used (because a new one would have made all the difference). And in that moment I made a mental note to never ever go for the largest gift.

With that strategy in mind, I’ve come away from most White Elephant parties pretty happy. Except for that one time when I got underwear…

Never the less! Tis the season for these crazy gift exchanges and I want to give you some great ideas so you can walk away a rockstar…I guess you would have to grab your own gift for that (I won’t tell if you don’t).

All of these fabulous gifts can be found at Mori Luggage and Gifts in West Town Mall!

One: It magnifies your phone screen in the cutest way possible.

Two: Let the recipient of this gift be Houdini for a minute or two while they try to break him out of “impossible” scenarios.

Three: People might laugh at this way to keep track of your phone or keys, but inside everyone will be thinking, “I NEED THAT.”

Four: It’s a vase you can color. Hello?! That’s awesome.

Five: A waterproof speaker fits everyone’s life.

Six: A purse light that turns on when being bumped will either be a life saver or a total annoyance. Let the recipient figure out which.

Here’s a great party game to play that doesn’t involve buying gifts.

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