Finding the Perfect White Jeans

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Now that I have an active little boy (and not just a snoozing newborn), online shopping is more than just a way to distract my eyes from the gross parts of Blacklist, it’s a necessity.

And unless you love the physicality of walking from store to store, an online pre-shop session will save you a lot of time and effort.

I always start online with stores I know are in West Town Mall. It’s the most convenient spot for me, and if I find multiple options I like, I’m not going to have to drive and park and unpack the baby and drive and park and…so on and so forth.

My white jean requirements were pretty simple: skinny, cropped, distressed around the knee, under $30.

If you don’t know what kind you want, always default to the shape of pants you wear the most and go from there.

White pants in your favorite shape can help preserve your favorite jeans and give you something fresh to reach for.

Once you’ve bounced around online and found a pair or two that you like, always read reviews. It’s the best way to know if they’re going to be true to size, but more importantly, if they’re going to be see through and/or flattering.

Let’s be real – white pants can be the most unflattering thing you’ve ever put on if you’re not careful. That fact alone ruled out a couple stores I would normally search in because the cheaper the pant, the more see-through it will be.

Belk has some great options, as does JCP and New York and Co. American Eagle Outfitters almost won me over, but they weren’t putting their jeans on sale fast enough and since this is seasonal/trendy I didn’t want to pay over $30.

After I thought I had exhausted all of my recourses, I mentally walked through the mall one more time and remembered Aero (or Aeropostale – the single most unpronounceable store until Rothlesburger opens a Gyros & Worcestershire stand).

There they were – the white jeans I’d been looking for. Cropped, distressed around the knee, skinny and boom – twenty-eight bucks.

I stopped by the mall on my way home from work, walked right in, tried them on, yadda, yadda, yadda I’m the proud owner of some great jeans.

What do you need to pre-shop online for?

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