Fall Fashion Inspiration 2017

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Have they made sneaker boots yet?

At the start of every new season, I make a style inspiration board.

It’s especially important at this glorious season when I want to pile all the scarves, sweaters and boots on my person at one time – Joey style.

I put this board together and thought I would later go back and add more, but looking over it I feel as if it covers my lifestyle and plan for this coming season.

By the way, FALL, anytime you want to show up with cooler temperatures we’re good with that. ANYTIME.

I’ll share with you my thought process behind putting together this board, so that you can remember it when doing your own. And I say, “putting together” when it’s as easy as pinning stuff to a specified board on Pinterest.

With these pictures I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel – I want everything to be congruous with my style, just set expectations for how it will translate in Fall 2017.

Those casual shoes that are pictured in the first pic from the left? Those are a great example of what I’m talking about. If they were around in 2016, I didn’t give them any thought. Now I realize they’ll help me dress up my athleisure looks without losing the comfort of sneakers. It also feeds my never-ending thirst for casual shoes.

I like to cover every level of dress in these boards because it helps give me direction when shopping for any occasion and gives me ideas for what to wear regardless of where I’m going.

Much of what’s pictured I own.

Those black leggings in the bottom middle picture? I own that exact pair (and could wear them every day). That gives me an idea of how to use things I already own – which is winning in every way.

When you set out to make your board – and I highly recommend that you do – don’t feel as if you need to change what you like, or scrap what you own – keep both your style and your closet in mind and pin things you love. Pin what you want to see yourself looking like.

Imagery has a powerful effect, so pinning what you want to look like will help you as you get dressed throughout this glorious season.

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To see all the pins pictured, go to my Pinterest board – Spiffy Fall/Winter Clothes!

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