Tips for Shopping as a Mom {Or a Busy Woman}

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This will probably make it to an Instagram caption, so when you see it again laugh out loud and show all your friends…

Last Friday I carved out alone time to make a quick pass through some stores before picking up Jackson. Elated about the 45 minutes I had all to myself (and hyped up on cold coffee), I step out of my car and hear my phone go off. It’s a video text of my baby and I’m instantly missing him. :-\

I laughed at how quickly the mood can shift and tried to power through not thinking about him but rather all the great deals I would get and how great it will be to navigate the aisles without a stroller.

Whether you’re in my shoes as a mom, or maybe your schedule is just so tight and you need to shave down the minutes you spend shopping – here are the tricks I’ve learned to be a more efficient shopper…

Take note of your size in different brands so you can more confidently shop online.

J. Crew right now is having a heck of a sale. “It’s 175% off” (Gilmore Girls). But as I perused the site, I realized I don’t know my sizing well in their brand. All of their sale items are final so I don’t want to buy something and be stuck with it in the wrong fit.

So the next time I try something on, I’m going to take note (in my phone) that the medium fits better than the large or whatever it may be.

Have a backup outfit ready for events.

For years, I’ve gotten in the habit of picking something in my closet to be the backup outfit in case I can’t find what I’m looking for in stores. This helps because I’m very picky and specific about what I’m looking for. If I can’t find what I have in my head in time for the event, I need something on standby to keep me calm. Literally, it’s for that reason. I get physically nervous if I don’t have the right clothes lined up.

This practice is really coming in handy now that I’m in charge of another human being who has the power to change my availability to shop with one monumental poop.

And not only does it keep you calm while shopping, it prevents the frantic whirlwind of trying on piece after piece as the minutes tick down before you have to leave…and seriously just typing this out I can feel my blood pressure rise. I truly hate that situation.

Make a list of events coming up so when you find a free moment you can instantly shop with a plan.

You’re probably going to finish reading this and think I’m a freakazoid about outfit planning, but it keeps me calm and stylish and everyone likes a calm and stylish Elizabeth.

I am constantly thinking/planning what I’m going to wear to places, weeks (sometimes months) in advance. Most of the time I have a general idea of what I need to get ready for these things easily. Right now, for example, I need a lot of casual tops to help get me through the rest of the summer and layer as it gets closer to fall.

Which helps, because when I do find a moment or two to shop I can walk in the store and ignore all the sparkly things I don’t need and shop for what I do. It helps keep my closet rounded out and keeps my style goals on track.

Do you have any tips for shopping as a mom? Share them below!

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