Baby Update IV

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I parked in “Expectant Mother” parking twice in one day last week. I figured I had better take advantage of it while I can!

I’m really just trying to soak in the last couple of weeks being pregnant. For years I’ve been excited to be obviously pregnant. Even in college I could remember thinking how much I was going to enjoy it.

And here I am, enjoying every minute of showing off this baby bump!

Cravings have drastically subsided in the past month. And I’m not as hungry as I was in the middle of the pregnancy. I did start having small contractions around week 34 and they’ve slowly progressed.

I’m good if he comes early. At our last doctor’s visit he was measuring 7.5 pounds so he’s a very healthy baby :)

If there’s one thing I’m realizing it’s how much I need to truly lean and rely and trust on God. Because the worry train can easily pull out of the station at this point, but I don’t need to let my mind board it because once he comes out there’s only going to be plenty more opportunities to do so. I want to be trusting God now.

He’s got it all under control.

Jackson’s nursery is just about ready. His little clothes are washed. And my husband and I are operating under the assumption that he’s coming today, by the way. If he doesn’t, we figure we’ll be ubber prepared and if he does we’ll certainly take him! We can’t wait to see his little face!

Check back in the rest of the week as I’ll be sharing my maternity fashion secrets (I only bought 7 actual “maternity” items and never had a “what do I wear!?” moment). Unless he comes today in which case enjoy a couple posts from last year that I’ve got scheduled to go up juuuust in case :)

Stay tuned on my social media to see if he’s arrived! (Follow me through the links in the upper right hand corner).

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