Let’s Catch Up!

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In order to get my head around what it is I’m trying to say here, I’m going to pretend that you just asked me, “So, how are things with the blog?”

Oh! That’s so unexpected, but I appreciate you being so caring. Let me fill you in…

The past two months have been a growing process.

I’ve been writing this blog coming up on 7 years this June. Yeah. If my blog were a human, it would be pretty sassy and potty trained (there lies the extent of my knowledge of seven-year-olds. Get back with me in 5 years. I’ll know more). I have loved every minute of the journey. Well…loved a lot of it in hindsight. Like watching a movie montage – it’s more enjoyable to look back on those late nights when they’re all spliced together in your head with a Norah Jones song layered over them.

Throughout my entire history in this space, my passion and purpose has always been the same. I so deeply desire to help women feel more confident. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that this is something God has called me to do. And just as it is with anything He has for us…He has opened door after door of opportunity beyond what I had planned for myself.

I just wanted to write, but He had bigger plans and I’m so thankful for it!

So you know how they say you’re supposed to replace your mattress every 8 years? Those commercials make me dry heave *steady Elizabeth* …my point is, there’s a refreshing point for everything. Even our mattress – although, my theory is that’s a completely made up number. Someone just needs to be able to support the 100’s of mattress stores they’ve build on every corner. But that’s another blog…for like an anti-mattress store site, I guess…?

The past three months I’ve taken a step back from the blog. I have re-evaluated where I stand with this space. I’ve had other people evaluate where I stand with this space and I’m happy to report that I’m getting a new mattress. Metaphorically. Lord, I love my mattress and even though we’re coming up on 9 years with it, I’M NOT GOING TO GIVE IN AND BUY A NEW ONE!

Maybe this mattress analogy was too much of a hot button issue…

I just wanted to fill you in on the fact that I’ll be making changes to the blog here and there. Some will be noticeable; others will subtly fill your soul with warmth and wonder.

One that you’ll see for sure, is the fact that Pinterest and I have made amends (follow me there to see!). I’ve come to terms with the fact that everyone can now be creative with just a push of a button, while the rest of us will just have to pin what’s in our heads and stop being bitter about it….it’s what some people deal with…I’m sure. Not me! Ha…

I’ll also be stepping up my Instagram game (follow me there too!). And-God willing-picking up where I left off with personal style consultations.

All of that to say, hold on! There’s so much work being done behind the scenes so that I can be more steady and available to you on a regular basis.

I hope this fills you with joy! I so badly want to help you look your best, and do it using what’s in your closet.

I’m excited to see what this new year holds for our relationship :)

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