Fall Bags & the One Thing I Forgot

Not showing up on time for my TV segment is the new “showing up to school in my underwear” dream. I’ve dreamt it a couple times now, and every time wake up so relieved after realizing it was only a dream.

I haven’t dreamt about leaving something at home. I’ve only done that in reality.

Like yesterday when I realized I left the Laser Cut Accordion Wallet at home. Boo.

It’s a beautiful wallet too! See…

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It’s got a nice amount of room and plenty of pockets. Plus, how about this gorgeous laser cut design? It’s so cool and feminine at the same time. Definitely not something that should be forgotten, so forgive me for leaving it on my dining room table.

But now it got a lot of attention on the blog, so I think I’m back in its good graces. Be sure to stop by West Town Mall and check out the new Vera Bradley store! It’s gorg-eous and right inside the Charming Charlie’s entrance.

Shopping My Closet

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