Emergency Kit

I’m in full swing Maid of Honor mode this week.

One of the things I decided to take upon myself is to assemble a wedding day relaxation kit. I didn’t want to use the word, “emergency” because that implies disaster. No, this is a relaxation kit because by having all these things on hand, it means you can relax!

This is not just something every bride needs on her wedding day, it’s also something that would be good to keep at your desk at work. Even a paired down version would be good in your purse.

Ok, here’s what I’ve got:
1. Deodorant
2. Perfume
3. Hair spray
4. Breath mints
5. Bobby pins
6. Fan
7. Water
8. Lipstick
9. Eyeliner
10. Compact
11. Safety pins
12. Nail file
13. Nail polish
14. Band aids
15. Q-tips
16. Finger nail clippers
17. Tweezers
18. Makeup setting spray
19. Straightener
20. Curling iron
21. Lotion

Definitely go for a paired down list if you’re going to create one of these kits for your purse (good Lord!). But it’s all stuff that will give you peace of mind, even if you don’t end up touching half of it!

There’s a strong possibility this list is going to get longer and longer the more I think about it…I need to stop…

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