Costume Ideas that Can’t Get Any Easier

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That don’t involve the word “slutty”.

If I would just remember all the jokes I cook up the night before when putting my segments together, I would be much funnier on TV. Until then, just know I’m HILARIOUS.

I had so much fun pulling these costumes together from Charming Charlie in West Town Mall.

Quick lesson: It’s Charming Charlie_<-No S. Just a note.

The ladies in there are so nice! I was so excited they let me roam the store and pull together what I had in my head. And let me just say there were things I had to leave out for time sake, so there are PLENTY of costume possibilities. You just have to go ready to think out of the box!

The wonderful thing? You can wear a lot of this later and wear it with things you already own! Both factors make these the easiest and cheapest costumes out there – enjoy!

Need more costume ideas from West Town Mall? Go here!

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