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30 days to making your whole life better.

Last year was a stellar year for my reading list – mostly because I had enough books on it to be able to use the word “list.” I wanted to continue sharing what it is I’m reading so we can all relive my favorite days of college and talk about books (ha – that makes me sounds like SUCH a nerrrd).

I currently have 4 books that I’m working through – all ranging drastically in subject. But I’m thankful to have gotten my reading grove back and want to share with you the first book I’ve finished in 2018!

Last year the thing that got me back in the reading saddle was starting with a short book. Once I finished it, I felt SO accomplished and kept the ball rolling and eventually polished off 11 more.

So I did this year I did the same thing. And while this book might be short, it’s certainly not lacking in power.

30 Days to a Better Prayer Life is by Nora King who is a faithful prayer and amazing woman of God. She also happens to be the co-pastor of the church I attend. And fun fact: I got to be one of the editors of the book!

I like the fact that it’s broken into days. That for sure makes it an easy read, as does her writing style. And while the subject of prayer can be so vast and mysterious, she breaks every aspect down to attainable bite size pieces.  By the end of the book, you know what it is you need to do to have a better prayer life. It’s no longer some far off goal.

I’ve read my share of really deep daily devotionals. Too deep for early-morning-brain, for sure. And I’ve also read the other end where it’s not enough to give you anything to chew on the rest of the day. This book, falls wonderfully in between. Each chapter will propel you forward with practical prayer pointers, while also offering insight into what could be a very complex subject – talking to God.

…the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit is mightily working in us so we can boldly dare to ask God for our needs and desires to be met. There is no shortage of power to bring it to pass.

-Nora King, 30 Days to a Better Prayer Life

I encourage you to get it and take 30 days to pump up your prayer life. Honestly, the effects of doing so will infiltrate every area of your life and make everything better. Get your copy here!

I couldn’t call myself a blogger, a woman living in the south, a Christian or heck, an AMERICAN if I hadn’t read this book. And this one is for all you women out there who are juggling balls (aka: trying to mastery life). Trust me on that one – it will help calm a lot of pressure-inducing voices in your head.

book review, prayer life book, how to have a better prayer life, 30 days to a better prayer life, nora king,

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