Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation

There’s something electric about an ad for a product that promises to meet your every need.

My day job is in marketing, so I’m all too familiar with the strategy of using certain words to pull you in. Yet somehow when I see an ad like this, I’m mesmerized by all that it promises to do.

bare minerals

I have been reading about this foundation for months, and most of what I’ve read was a glowing review of how wonderful it looked and felt. So needless to say, I ran out and bought the whole sha-bang.

The brush looks exactly how they have it pictured with that little dimple in the middle. It does help to hold the foundation in while you apply it to your face. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to use my fingers (or so I thought). The foundation went on well. They say one to two drops, but to me that wasn’t enough coverage (and I don’t typically go for heavy coverage, but it was still not enough).

I ended up filling the entire hole with foundation every time.

They’re not lying when they say “bare skin,” it does really look like your regular skin with a slight enhancement. I found that it melted in better if I used my fingers to rub it in more, instead of relying on the brush for the whole application. The problem with the brush is that it really digs the foundation into your pores, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

After only using it a day or so, I noticed after I washed my face one night that there was build up on the side of my nose and on my chin. I went over those areas with some toner and when I pulled the cotton ball away, it was as if I had not washed my face at all! That and the three zits that popped up on my face after I began using this stuff is really what turned me off to it.

I truly think the foundation would be ok if it wasn’t for the brush. It seems that the brush puts it too far into your skin, and that’s not what I’m looking for. So if you still want to try it, maybe skip the brush and apply the foundation with your hands.

I returned the whole sha-bang because washing my face once at night is enough hassle for me. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to do it twice!

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