Gifts for the Boys

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Um can we talk about how easy boys have it? Their getting ready process is simple, their going to bed process is EVEN SIMPLER, they get to skip the whole child bearing thing and they’ve got a plethora of things to buy when it comes to shopping for us.

Women, on the other hand, we get to pluck. And then we get to stare at the tool shelf for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to buy our boys.

I’m hoping this list will help with that. Not the plucking thing, but the what-to-buy-the-boys thing. Together with these two stores in West Town Mall, shopping for the men on your list won’t be as painful as waxing your underarm (yeah we to do that too).

The Art of Shaving

This store smells so good. It is one cigar smoking, suit wearing man holding a pit bull away from leaking testosterone all over the mall floor.

They’ve got everything when it comes to your man’s grooming ritual – and (most definitely) then some. Eye cream, mustache conditioner, after shave, razors, cologne. Their products are perfectly manly yet highly luxurious, and they work to give him the closest shave possible without irritating his skin.

Pick up this power shave kit for a Black Friday steal of $100 (normally it’s $175). What’s great is that there’s all kinds of gifts at different price points, giving you all kinds of options for the men on your list!

Mori Luggage and Gifts

Whether it’s the table top punching bag or a waterproof speaker, Mori’s has a great selection of both the fun and the practical.

I’ve noticed a lot of boys have a strange fascination with monkeys. You can feed that obsession with this Pocket Monkey that features all kinds of tools…12 to be exact. It’s got a bottle opener, a screwdriver, ruler, straight edge, orange peeler, iphone stand and headphone cord wrap – just to name a few.

Alright I think I’ve given you plenty of ideas even Tim the Tool Man Taylor would be proud to open on Christmas. Time to go shop!

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