Apps that Make My World Go Round

As weird as it is to say it because most days I still fancy myself a goofy 24 year old…I’m a working mom now.

And working mom’s need as many shortcuts and help as they can get. Two days into this process and I’m already well aware of that.

So I wanted to share some of the apps I rely on to help keep myself organized and looking amazing (yes, apps can help with that).

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1. Baby Connect

This app allows you to log feedings and poopings and all kinds of bodily functions of your baby so you don’t have to keep it all in your brain. You can connect the app with other people too, so my husband can look at this app on his Android phone (weirdo) and see when Jackson was last fed.

I love it for logging poop (the only time in the world that sentence will make sense and not be embarrassing), because it helps me to know if Jackson’s got a blowout coming up.

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2. Groovebook

Maybe this doesn’t help my everyday organization, but it does make me feel better about myself. Of the thousands of pictures I take of this baby at least 100 of them will be in a hard copy every month because I’ve got Groovebook.

For $2.99 every month this app allows you to upload 100 pictures to a book and will send them to you in a book in the mail. It’s amazing and not only makes for the easiest photo albums EVER but also each one comes with a cute pattern on the front so I like to set them out on my coffee table.

Is it ironic that we went from wanting our pictures digitally to wanting hard copies now? Yes, yes it is.

Use the code “OGLE43” to get a free one.

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3. WBIR Weather App

My husband makes fun of me for watching the weather forecast over and over again within the same hour. But I like to do that because it solidifies the weather in my mind and allows me to dress for it appropriately for the rest of the week.

This app allows me to sneak a peak at it in case I forgot what I watched without getting ridiculed ;)

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4. Lose It!

I can thank Jackson for the fact that I’m still not in my favorite jeans yet. Whaaa whaaaaa. But I will be able to non-sarcastically thank this app for getting me back in them.

Hold yourself accountable with this calorie counter. It’s got a great library of restaurants (the best, I’ve found, out of any of the other apps like it), and allows you to scan bar-codes of things you’ve eaten for even faster entry.

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5. OfferUp

It’s the garage sale of the 21st century – scrolling through people’s junk in an app.

Simply tell it what area you’re in and you’ll get to do all the browsing you want without the owner awkwardly watching you from deeper within the garage.

Pay the set price or make them an offer they cannot refuse.

If anything it will give you a break from duck-face selfies on Instagram.

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