How to Accessorize a Fancy Sweater

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I know there’s been a lot of talk of Christmas outfits around here lately, but this is a fashion blog and it is Christmas time. You didn’t come here to get the latest tech news. ;)

I first wrote about this sweater last Friday. But I wanted to talk about how I accessorized it.

Again, the great thing about going with something shiny is that it can stand on it’s own. A silver necklace wouldn’t work because it would disappear into the sweater. I considered doing a black necklace (and may go with one in the future) but because I was wearing my hair down, it wouldn’t get proper exposure.

So I chose these snake skin-patterned earrings. They were perfect because they had a pattern and weren’t shiny. This sweater really shines in real life, and adding shiny earring on top of that would mean passing out sunglasses before I walk into the room.

Remember, it’s all about balance. And (like you’ve heard me say a lot here lately) texture! If you have any questions related to this, remember to click on my social media links there on the right :) @thespiff_e on both Twitter and Instagram!

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