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Want to hear a lesson I learned about buying part of your Christmas outfit online? Check the shipping policy. Do that so it doesn’t send you into a panicked frenzy of trying to replace it when you realize it’s not going to arrive on time. Just something that popped into my head just now as I sit here sipping tea by the fire. It wasn’t at all because I just came out of that panicked frenzy myself. Not at all.

Something that will help prevent all of that is shopping local. And yes, buying from stores that are local to your area is awesome, but I’m also talking about not shopping online for something like clothes that you need to cover your body at a certain event. Ha.

Lesson Learned.

Well, now that I’ve gone on that rant, let me tell you about a couple of links I like to shop from. Yeah…didn’t plan for this blog post to become an oxymoron but, hey, that’s the beauty of reading blogs – you never know what you’re going to get.

When you’re not in a rush to buy something, or you’re looking for a great gift, check these links out…

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My inbox is full of stores/brands trying to get my attention. Honestly, I “keep” (I intended the heck out of that pun) this one in there because their subject lines are so hilarious. Proving that witty writing always wins.

Oh and to go along with their great sense of humor, they’ve got a great website full of things you wouldn’t bump into in your friendly neighborhood Target. Things like gorgeous clothes, lovely jewelry and romantic art that says, “You’ll do.” The whole website resides right up my alley.

Buy directly from them or “keep” an item to look back on later.

Sister to Zappos, 6pm is a great way to shop brand names at a discount. And the couple of times I’ve ordered from them it’s actually come in very quickly. Like next day quickly. So if ever I HAVE to buy something online that I need quickly, I go right to them.

But check on it for your area because I’m sure it’s different for everyone.


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