A Spiffy Girl

When I say we’re going to need a bigger closet, I mean it.


This week we announced news we’ve been relishing in ourselves for almost three months now – we’re having another baby!

I was excited to get all the details out at the same time – the fact that it’s a girl and her name is Elianna (middle name TBD).

The idea that I’ll be dropping “Dude” and Dinosaurs for “her” and bows (also TBD, haha I’m trying to work up a love for bows currently) is still settling in, however, she is truly an answer to prayer and I am resting in the fact that God will equip me to be a mother to this little sweetheart.

I’ve had this name picked out for over 15 years – before I even knew my husband. In Hebrew it means, “God has answered.” And boy, is that spot on! We’ve been believing for another baby and He has answered in the perfect way.

There’s so much more I can say but I’m still in processing mode so it’s not coming out as smoothly as I’d like.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our excitement!

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