Why It’s So Important to Encourage

Quickly, think of one piece in your closet that you’ve received a compliment on…

Now think of the most expensive thing in your closet (wedding dress doesn’t count).

My bet (and the hinge this exercise hangs on) is the fact that it took you longer to think of what you paid the most money for than it did to think of the compliment.

Last week I received encouraging words that brought me to tears because it came right at the moment I needed it. It was probably 20 words and took the encourager less than 60 seconds, but it meant the world to me.

Our words hold so much power. And at the risk of sounding like something Danny Tanner would squat down to say… we really do need to keep that in mind and use them to encourage people more often.

The fact that I (and maybe you) can more easily pinpoint a complimented piece in our closet as opposed to it’s monetary value proves just how important it is to encourage.

So here are some encouraging words for you today!

You are so beautiful. Whether you feel it or not, you are totally loved and cherished by the one man that matters most – God! I realize it can take a strong set of mental calisthenics to really grasp the love of someone you can’t see…but it’s more real than the chair you’re sitting in.

Rest in that as you go throughout your day. And pass on encouragement every chance you get! Your words will do more good than you may ever know.


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